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During the start-up stage of a small business, cash flow is low.  Entrepreneurs are faced with a decision of where to spend funds.  Using an attorney may seem costly and intimidating.  Many entrepreneurs try to save money and by handling legal needs on their own.


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 Why You Need A Business Lawyer


In this age of DIY and the Internet, entrepreneurs can find legal information online.   Or, they may use free contracts found on unverified websites.  Although these may seem cheap at first, they may prove to be costly later in the event that you are sued or need to sue someone.


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As the owner of three successful small businesses, Attorney Samantha Holloway understands the needs of man-879094_1920entrepreneurs.  The Holloway Firm treats each of its clients as if they are a part of that business’s development team.  The Holloway Firm will meet with you to learn about the vision of your company and the service or goods that you provide.  The Holloway Firm will also listen to learn about your current legal needs.  By using this holistic approach, The Holloway Firm provides the customized and personal attention that you need to be successful.


What We Do 

As your business lawyer, we can assist you in every aspect of your business.  We can help you start your business, create and review your contracts, protect your business’s intellectual property,  aggressively go after unpaid invoices and represent you in the event that you are sued.


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Attorney Samantha Holloway spent six years of her career as an attorney for the largest corporation in the world, the United States Government.  As a government attorney, Attorney Holloway participated in litigation and business matters for a federal agency in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico & the U.S Virgin Islands, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Attorney Holloway now uses the knowledge she learned as a government attorney to help small business owners obtain and maintain government contracts and navigate government regulations. (Click here to learn more about Samantha).


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From intellectual property and everything in between, The Holloway Firm stands ready to serve all of your business’s legal needs.  We offer quality legal advice and support at an affordable cost.  Give our office a call today at (678) 390-3503 to schedule a complimentary consultation. 


In addition to legal services, we also offer a training academy that can help you grow a successful business. Information about our Small Business Success Academy can be found by clicking here.